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8AM-6:30PM Wednesday-Friday
8AM-2PM Saturday

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What are Your Hours?

Do I need to have an appointment?

What forms of payment do you accept?

Can I make payments?

At what age can I have my pet spayed or neutered?

What is the pre-anesthetic blood screening?

How long do the sutures stay in after my pet’s surgery?

Is it a good idea to let my pet have at least one litter?

Do you board pets?

What are your kennels like?

Is the anesthetic safe?

Will my pet have stitches?

Will my pet be in pain?

What other decisions do I need to make?

Is chocolate poisonous to dogs?

The dog ate chocolate; now what?

How to Find the Best Boarding Kennel for Your Dog

How to Find the Best Boarding Kennel for Your Dog

Going on vacation? Looking for a place to board your canine companion? Find out what to look for when boarding your furry friend and how we can help!

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