Every new dog owner needs to know how to keep his or her pet in optimal health. Today, dogs are considered an important part of the family and this is evident in the rising vet costs.

Most dog owners realize that paying close attention to their dog’s health is essential. Your pet will be much healthier if you perform basic health checks and make regular visits to the vet.

Even with all the advances in pet care, it is important to know the basics of dog care. Ensuring the good health of your pet includes exercise, proper diet, education, and grooming. When you cover the bases while also ensuring that you get good veterinary care and some obedience training, both you and your pet will be much happier. Understanding the dog breed will also help you to make the best decisions.

Diet plays a major role

The same way it is important for humans to watch what they eat, pet diet plays a huge role in good health. A dog feeding on junk food is likely to become overweight, listless and unhealthy. While you can choose what you want to eat, when it comes to your dog he has to eat what you give him. Your dog might enjoy cheeseburgers and nachos, but this does not mean that you have to give in to him. Make the right choices for your dog and choose healthy and natural foods and healthy dog treats.

Your dog needs exercise

It is important to know that dogs need exercise just as much as humans. Some dogs will need more exercise than others depending on the breed but daily exercise is essential to your dog’s health. Exercise helps in different ways including keeping your dog’s weight moderated, keeping his muscles in great shape, and ensuring that the respiratory system works at a proper level. Exercise is also great for keeping your dog from getting bored.

Regular dog grooming

Dog grooming is more than just about your dog’s appearance, it helps to monitor the dog’s health. Grooming is essential for ensuring that your dog has healthy teeth, skin, and paws and it also keeps you well informed about your dog’s physical condition. If you notice inconsistencies or a splotchy appearance on the dog’s coat, you should consult your vet to find out if all is well. Regular inspection will help you to notice the subtle changes from one season to the next. Keep the paws clean and remember that just like humans, dogs need proper teeth cleaning.

Weather protection

If your dog spends a huge amount of time outdoors, it is important to ensure that it is well protected especially in extreme weather. You can invest in dog apparel like dog raincoats, sweaters, and jackets but remember that dogs should not spend too much time outside in cold weather. It helps to monitor your dog’s exposure to heat during summer so that you can provide cool shelter when temperatures rise.

All in all, gathering all the information that you can about the health of your dog is very helpful. Education will help to prevent numerous health problems. You should find out about breed specific predispositions or health concerns. Learning about the breed before you bring your dog home will prove to be very helpful. We are veterinary professionals at a Pleasantville, NY animal hospital that will be happy to assist you to keep your dog in optimal health, so talk to us whenever you need the best advice!