Most dog owners will readily admit that there are many times when they do not understand their loyal companion. If you have been wondering what your dog is thinking when she is staring at you from the sofa or acting odd, it is important to realize that there are dog facts that you might not be aware of.

You might have figured out what your dog means when she starts wagging her tail, but that does not mean you know everything she is thinking.

When your dog chases her tail

You might think that it is funny when your dog is chasing her tail, but it is important to realize that this can mean that you need to make a trip to the vet. There are several reasons why dogs chase their tails and they can include their predatory instincts, exercise, and discomfort. It can actually mean that your dog has fleas! It is important to take the dog to the vet to find out the actual reason why your dog is constantly chasing her tail.

Dogs dream when asleep

You might have noticed that your dog moves his feet or barks while she is sleeping. This may strike you as odd until you realize that dogs actually have dreams while they sleep. The rapid feet movement might actually mean she is dreaming of running at the park and you should not be overly concerned. Just like humans, dogs have Slow Wave Sleep (SWS) and Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and their eyes often twitch while they are closed. Allow your dog to enjoy the moment.

Dogs have great night vision

You might have problems seeing when it gets dark, but the same is not true of your canine. Dogs are able to see and move freely in the dark as they have tapetum lucidum. Your pooch will not need to have the lights on to stop criminals from making away with your valuables. The ability to see in the dark may differ depending on the breed of your dog.

Dogs recognize scent

This will not come as a surprise to most people who watch crime shows but dogs are very good at recognizing scent. In fact, they actually absorb scent, which is why the nose gets wet. Dogs secrete mucous on the nose that helps them to identify scent accurately. Dogs will often lick their noses when they get wet in order to sample or taste the scent with the mouth. According to experts, dogs are able to smell a hundred thousand times more accurately than humans.

It is important to know that dogs do not sweat as much as humans do. This means that by looking at your dog, you may not be aware that she is too hot. Dogs only sweat on the paw pads, which is usually a good indication that the place is too hot for them. There are other things that you may not understand about your dog and it is always a good idea to schedule regular visits to an animal hospital Falls Church, VA. Some things your dog does may seem funny to you but it helps to get a professional opinion to rule out symptoms of serious health issues.