Dr. Wolfe is the Best

We always receive excellent care. The staff is wonderful and Dr. Wolfe is the best!
– Anonymous

Kind, professional, and welcoming

The Silver Whiskers program really paid off for us today. I brought two cats in and was not charged anything for one because it was just a quick exam. For the other, Francesca, we were only charged for the grooming, sedation and medicine to treat her skin condition. There was no charge for the visit. I always sort of wondered if that Silver Whiskers program was worth the expense. Today I found out that it was!! I didn’t know FCAH had a groomer on site and, wow, she was great! She had to cut all of Francesca’s fur off, but she did it in a way that makes here still look good — not bald. She actually looks cute with her new cut. Everyone at the FCAH is kind, professional and welcoming.

– Elizabeth G., customer since 2001

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