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Dr. Jacobs is Wonderful

Dr. Jacobs is Wonderful

We have had Boxers for more than 30 years and all of our dogs have been patients at FCAH. Dr. Jacobs knows us, has known all our dogs and is wonderful at explaining things to us. Anonymous

Yesterday, our 18-month old Boxer seemed to be having a reaction to the vaccinations she received earlier in the day. While dogs are usually droopy/lethargic after shots, this was different somehow. We were worried about her, so we brought her back in. Dr. Jacobs took her temperature, listened to her heart, looked at the color of her gums and determined she was OK. We went about our way -- embarrassed for the nervousness, but relieved she was fine. I know he must hear whiney owners every day, but he was kind and did not make me feel 'crazy' for being worried enough to bring her back. Thank heaven, she is rowdy as ever today -- back at work making sure our yard is a squirrel-free zone! Anonymous


Do I need to have an appointment?

A: Yes, patients are seen by appointment. Should you have an emergency during regular office hours, please call so that we may assist you as quickly as possible.

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