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With the use of innovative veterinary practices we provide complete, compassionate care for your companion's overall health and wellness.

  • Overall good experience

    Overall good experience! Anonymous

  • Dr.Yam and the other staff were helpful

    “Great. Dr. Yam is always terrific. And the other person (I apologize for not catching her name or title) was very nice and very helpful.”
    Glenn S., customer since 2013
  • Everyone was so friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating

    I am new to the area and needed to seek immediate treatment for my silken windhound, Gracie. From the guy who took my appointment, to the vet tech, to the vet herself, everyone was so friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. Made what could have been a really day, a not so bad day. Ann-Marie H.

  • Professional and well-organized

    Taffy was happy and well cared for. Staff was friendly, professional and well-organized. Katie D.

  • Great place! Great value!

    “Great place! Great value!”
    Barbara C., customer since 2001
  • FCAH takes care of us

    “Falls Church Animal Hospital takes good care of its human customers, just like its animal customers!”
    Elizabeth G., customer since 2001
  • They were kind & gentle

    “Dr. Rogers & his assistant were wonderful with Rosie. They were kind & gentle.”
    Bill & Linda G., customer since 2001
  • This time is the BEST

    “As always the latest visit to the vet was a great experience. I have to say that in my many years as a pet owner, (from turtles to schnauzers) this is the BEST, friendliest vet office I have ever experienced.”
    Nancy S., customer since 2010
  • We will recommend FCAH to our friends

    “Dr. Yam always takes wonderful care of our "Gus". We will continue to go to the animal hospital and will always recommend FCAH to our friends.”
    Sharilyn K., customer since 2001
  • Very friendly and on time

    “Very friendly and on time visits, nice feeling welcomed!”
    Annette K., customer since 2001
  • Good people

    “Everyone in your office was very helpful and accomodating. Dr. Jacobs took excellant care to minimize the stress on our puppy and was very gentle with her. Kudos to the entire staff! Good people!”
    Richard E., customer since 2001
  • Everyone was very nice and helpful

    Everyone was very nice and helpful. Wonderful experience. Leah S.

  • Very pleased with the service

    “Our first time with Dr. Jacobs as our previous vet has left the practice. We were very pleased with the service and how nice and friendly the vet tech Megan was as well."
    Patricia M., customer since 2012
  • They are efficient

    “An error was made & our appointment was not recorded. Nonetheless, after only a very short wait, the technician was still able to give Rosie her shot. All's well."
    Bill & Linda G., customers since 2001
  • Whole experience was great

    The whole experience was great efficient. Tink was in and out with in two hours she looked great! the cost very reasonable. Top quality results. Great job! Thank you! Annette K.

  • A happy appointment

    “We were very happy with our appointment and felt that Cleo was in excellent hands.”
    Peter F., customer since 2010
  • Dr. Rogers is absolutely wonderful

    “As always, caring, professional, and expedient. Dr. Rogers is absolutely wonderful.”
    Gindy F., customer since 2006
  • Awesome as usual!

    “Awesome as usual!”
    Amy S., customer since 2001
  • Dr. Yam is great

    “Dr. Yam is great! Though Manny and Coco do not like coming to the vets, they are always taken good care of by Dr. Yam.”
    Jennifer H., customer since 2001
  • Exceptionally compassionate care

    FCAH was able to fit me in on short notice and provided exceptionally compassionate care for my cat. Lab test results come back quickly as well. Kerry C.

  • Excellent as always

    Excellent as always. We feel very well taken care of. Lauren E.

  • Great experience

    Great experience with Falls Church Animal Hospital, I've had my Silky's shots and dental surgery here. Karla H.

  • Prescriptions filled promptly

    I called to get two prescriptions filled. They were filled promptly and ready for pickup. Anonymous

  • I totally love all the people at FCAH

    “I totally love all the people at The Falls Church Animal Hospital. Cheryl, Brooke, Kristin, Jessica, Naomi, and all the others have been so pleasant and helpful.”
    Susie L., customer since 2001
  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff

    Friendly, knowledgeable staff, open for all questions. Both we and our dog felt comfortable and well-taken care of. Anonymous

  • Wonderful caring experience

    Wonderful caring experience. Lisa K.

  • Got us in right away

    Great! Got us in right away and puppy is feeling so much better today! Amy O.
  • Friendly competent staff, highly recommend!

    “Friendly competent staff. Highly recommend”
    Mary Jane M., customer since 2001

  • Very informative and caring

    Very informative and caring staff. Everyone is both professional and personable in every respect. Anonymous

  • They always do a great job

    They always do a great job! We moved about 20 miles out of the Falls Church area but refuse to change vets. They've always made us feel very comfortable and we 100% trust them with the 4-legged member of our family! Josh C.

  • Very kind and efficient

    The staff were very kind and efficient, and the doctor took his time and went over all the information I would need. Anonymous

  • All went well

    All went well and staff is very nice. Doug C.

  • We greatly appreciate

    “The staff was very friendly and helpful. We greatly appreciate your time and service a month ago.”
    Edward J., customer since 2013
  • Highly recommend

    “Have gone to this clinic for 16 years for both my doxies. Excellent staff and quick attention.”
    Frances A., customer since 2001
  • They were so accommodating

    They were so accommodating. Fiona has kennel cough, so they met us at the rear entrance and brought us into a room as soon as possible. She was seen within 5 minutes of arriving, and we left no more than 30 minutes later. The staff was so kind/polite to me which, to me, represents how well they will treat my puppy. I'm excited to join this family! Nicole H.

  • I have never been disappointed with them

    “My recent visit with my 9 year old cat for his annual examination and necessary inoculations was pleasant, very professional and complete in every way.”
    Shirley R., customer since 2001
  • The people at the front desk were very friendly

    The people at the front desk were very friendly and patient while I tried to find the necessary information for my first visit there. The vet and tech were both kind and helpful. I will definitely be going back. Anonymous

  • FCAH did a great job

    “We have an old dog with a tough diagnosis and Falls Church Animal Hospital did a great job pinpointing what was wrong and working with us until we got to the right answer.”
    Ben A., customer since 2013
  • Very professional and helpful

    Very professional and helpful. Anonymous

  • Dr. A is simply the best

    “Dr. A is simply the best”
    Anonymous, customer since 2014
  • I would absolutely recommend Dr. McGrath

    “My puppy's first visit....everyone was exceptionally courteous and attentive. I would absolutely recommend Dr. McGrath.”
    Cindy M., customer since 2013
  • The hospital is clean, inviting and friendly

    “I found the hospital both clean and inviting. The employees are warm and friendly. We have been taking Lucy to be treated for a little over eight years. We have also used their boarding facilities.”
    Paul S., customer since 2005
  • Very courteous and helpful

    Called as a new pt with an emergency and was offered to bring him in right away! They were all very courteous and helpful especially Kyle at the front desk and Dr Jacobs was great! Will be taking my dog in for regular visits here. Anonymous

  • Thorough and competent

    Thorough and competent, as always. Dr. Jacobs has such a soothing way with our dog, Angel. Bunni L.

  • Thanks for taking care of Sadie

    “Thanks for taking care of Sadie! We know she's in good hands with you guys!”
    Anonymous, Customer since 2011
  • Friendly, professional, accommodating, and quick

    “Really friendly, professional, accommodating, and quick!”
    Anna G., customer since 2013
  • ​Great service

    Great service-my pet was never anxious-sensed she was in a safe environment. Evelyn R.

  • The staff and doctor were fantastic

    The staff and doctor were fantastic. No wait time. Glad I switched. Joe C.

  • Really liked Dr. McGrath

    “Met with Dr. McGrath for the first time. Really liked her. She took the time to explain and answer all my questions, and she was very attentive to my puppy!”
    Judy & Gene G., customers since 2012
  • I was very pleased with my first visit

    I was very pleased with my first visit to FCAH. The reception staff were all very nice and attentive. Both check-in and check-out were very quick. I really appreciated the time Dr. McGrath spent with Lucy going over her history and current issues and how she really considered all of her symptoms together instead of as separate issues. I look forward to future visits! Anonymous

  • Everyone is so friendly

    Everyone is so friendly and the place is very clean. Dr. McGrath is always so sweet with my dog. I highly recommend this animal hospital! Megan D.

  • Personal care

    Dr. McGrath (with the assistance of Faith) helped Albert and Isaac gently through their kitty anxiety during a regular checkup. We got information, with professionalism, that reassured us that our kitties' health was good for another year. The Playful Paws program seems well worth the insurance it provides, with many "free" options. We look forward to many more checkups with Dr. McGrath, despite my cats' case of the "wriggles." It amazes me of all the many situations she faces while caring all sorts of animals, and of the personal care she gave our cats. We hope to see her into the cats' older age. Loren B.

  • This hospital is great

    “I have found this animal hospital to be great. They don't make me feel pressured to provide expensive procedures for my pet."
    Jeannette D., customer since 2013
  • Very pleasant experience

    The Staff was professional and friendly. Kevin checked us in and updated all of our records. He answered all of my questions and even went to go check on answers he didn't know despite having a busy waiting room. I appreciated being made aware of the puppy wellness plan during my dog's appointment although, I'd already researched its benefits online. Overall a very pleasant experience with the exception of our preventative samples we received. In the past we've given our dogs advantix II to prevent for fleas, ticks, mosquitos, etc. After speaking with the vet, the samples we received during our visit do not protect against mosquitos (a big problem in our yard) which, we had to notify and verify with the vet instead of the other way around. Our dog also enjoyed the "pet relief area" outside and I enjoyed the Keurig coffee! Anonymous

  • I have recommended FCAH

    “As a long-time patient/client (30 years!) at Falls Church Animal Hospital, I have always felt that my pets (from gerbils to cats and dogs) are given the best care and concern.”
    Barbara W., customer since 2001
  • The staff were patient and supportive

    This was my first visit with my newly adopted puppy. The staff were patient and supportive in dealing with me- clearly they were used to handling first-time pet owners very well. I look forward to having this hospital take care of Beau, my new puppy. Sadia C.
  • Thank you for a pleasant visit

    “Buster loves coming to Falls Church Animal Hospital, no matter the occasion (unlike his brother!), and this visit was no exception.”
  • Rambunctious Shadow was back

    “Shadow was scheduled for a dental visit, but had been acting odd over the weekend.”
    James C., customer since 2001
  • What a relief to have my dog cared for

    “My dog had a serious emergency with a stick in her eye last Friday afternoon, so I called Falls Church Animal Hospital, whom I've used for many years.”
    Anonymous, customer since 2001
  • Excellent service as always

    Excellent service as always! You are the best FCAH! Anonymous

  • You and your staff are so gracious

    “Dr. Rogers thank you so much for seeing our Gus. We know at 15 he is doing very well. We were just so surprised at how quickly he changed just over night to a very different dog!”
    Carl M., customer since 2001
  • FCAH is the best

    “Falls Church Animal Hospital is the best. Each time I arrive for an appointment with one of my four pets, I am greeted warmly.”
    Melanie L., customer since 2001
  • I am very pleased with my experience

    I am very pleased with my experience here. Very nice staff. ​Anonymous
  • Very efficient animal hospital

    “Very efficient animal hospital and I am confident that my kitty is getting the best of care.”
    Thomas G., customer since 2013
  • They always take care of my pets

    They always take care of my pets when I visit and I was able to get an appointment with short notice. Shansel W.

  • Very happy with the care received

    We have been very happy with the care received at Falls Church Animal Hospital for our dog and also the boarding services for our diabetic cat. Anonymous

  • I always have a good experience

    “The office staff is compassionate and kind, and they were happy to explain things that were unclear to me.”
    Kim G., customer since 2008
  • Always a pleasure

    Always a pleasure to visit FCAH with my cats Devon and Luna. Thomas G.

  • Outstanding care for Bosco

    “Outstanding care for Bosco, as always.”
    Jonathan F., customer since 2001
  • Wonderful people giving excellent care

    Wonderful people giving excellent care to our pets! Thank you so much. Diane H.

  • Excellent service

    “Excellent service from front desk to veterinarian.”
    Brenda E., customer since 2005
  • As always,wonderful doctors and staff

    “As always, we had a great experience with Dr. Rogers. He is now taking care of our new puppy after years of caring for our last dog.
    Lee K., customer since 2002
  • REALLY appreciated

    “Everyone was wonderful, as usual. We called Saturday with a question about our dog Stuart and we were squeezed in on the same day...REALLY appreciated!”
    Jolleen W., customer since 2004
  • The facility is very conveniently located

    This is our first time here. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The facility is very conveniently located and well maintained. Our dog seems happy. Thanks. Igor K.

  • Great as always

    Great as always! We LOVE Dr. Rogers! Lori M.

  • Thanks for taking care of my cat

    “Thanks for taking such good care of my elderly cat. He is feeling much better today, although he still doesn't like eating the pumpkin addition to his food. Finicky cat - go figure.”
    Irene C., customer since 2007
  • Lulu really loved her massage

    “Dr McGrath is wonderful and very patient with my extremely nervous dog.”
    Vinh T., customer since 2013
  • The vets were professional, caring, and helpful

    “I was able to get a same day appointment as a new client for my newly adopted dog.”
    Anonymous, Customer since 2013
  • Awesome staff

    Awesome staff! Very friendly! Great with Babe! We moved from the area and still only bring Babe to Falls Church. Thank you all! Veronica L.

  • The entire staff is always so friendly

    Very prompt service. The entire staff is always so friendly and take time to answer questions. I really like that they offer annual plans and it is easy to get an appointment. They are great with my dog and I'd definitely recommend Falls Church Animal Hospital to my friends. Ashley A.
  • Will definitely be back

    “Everyone was very pleasant and efficient. Dr. Murphy is an excellent vet, thorough and very patient, particularly with answering all my questions. Will definitely be back.”
    Jerry H., customer since 2014
  • Going out of their way to keep me informed

    Buster was badly injured while I was away but he got excellent care and was recovered by the time I got home two weeks later. I was in England and would have cut my vacation short but for the updated info and pictures that were sent to me. I felt reassured that Buster was in the best of hands and was able to enjoy the rest of my stay. Thanks so much to Dr McGrath, Mary Ann and the entire staff for taking such good care of my boy and going out of their way to keep me informed. Margaret H.
  • Great visit

    “My dog had a very, very thorough exam. Had a chance to talk about a few challenges she has (frequent upset stomachs) and some things to try to help her. Great visit.”
    Carolyn P., customer since 2001
  • Very professional and friendly

    Very professional and friendly. Marsha P.

  • Staff were courteous and gentle

    Staff were courteous and gentle with my dog, very pleasant for a first time experience. Intake was efficient and courteous. Sam E.

  • We had an exceptional experience

    “We had an exceptional experience. When I called looking for an appointment at the busiest times, the receptionist was so kind and helpful, going out of her way to find me a time slot that worked with my schedule.”
    Chrissy & Jeff B.
  • The staff is compassionate and understanding

    “I would not trust any other veterinarian hospital with the care of Mejor. They are caring, loving, and extremely reliable. The staff is compassionate and understanding.”
    Nikki R., customer since 2013
  • Dr. Jacobs takes care of my cat

    “Dr. Jacobs takes excellent care of my high maintenance cat Lucy.”
    Sandra G., customer since 2001
  • This has always been a good hospital

    “This has always been a good hospital. Having switched to other animal hospitals due to different pets and coming back, I'm more than glad to recommend this clinic!”
    John H., customer since 2002
  • I was helped immediately

    “I came in to get Vectra 3D for my dog. I was helped immediately and the staff asked about my dog Annie Laurie and how she was doing.”
    Maureen C., customer since 2012
  • As always, I am completely satisfied

    “As always, I was greeted by friendly staff had a short wait and saw Dr. Rogers who addressed Snickers problems well, was friendly and explained what was needed.”
    Catherine Q., customer since 2007
  • I had a wonderful experience

    “I had a wonderful experience. The staff fit me in for an appointment at the last minute and the doctor was able to assess and correct the issues my dog had been struggling with.”
    Barbara A., customer since 2001
  • They were friendly,prompt and gentle

    “The staff was friendly and prompt. The doctor was very gentle with Mully and eased her through the check up. I showed up early for my appointment without realizing it and they still accommodated us.”
    Lauren C., customer since 2014
  • Abby’s visit went very well

    “Abby's visit to see her doctor at Falls Church Animal Hospital went very well. I was greeted when I walked in with Abby and the wait was minimal since I had arrived early.”
    Jacqueline D., customer since 2010
  • Always awesome

    Always awesome!!! Anonymous

  • Convenient scheduling set up

    Convenient scheduling set up (good reminders), awesome bedside manner by Dr. McGrath. Anonymous

Our Wellness Programs

Playful Puppies & Kittens
Playful Puppies & Kittens program offers all the essentials your puppy or kitten will need in their first year including vaccinations, deworming, and more.
Playful Paws
Playful Paws program offers annual exams, vaccinations, another perks to keep your pet happy and healthy.
Silver Whiskers
Silver Whiskers Program offers all your senior pet will need to live a long and healthy life including tests for glaucoma, blood pressure, and more.

Mission Statement

We provide you and your pets with the personal
attention you deserve,
and the expert, compassionate care you expect.

About Us
Dr. Rogers Retirement

Dr. Rogers Retirement

It is with mixed emotions that I want to share my decision to retire from active practice at the end of September. For 41 years I have shared the joy and sadness that comes with bringing a 4 legged family member into your life. I will always treasure my time with each of you.

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Do I need to have an appointment?

A: Yes, patients are seen by appointment. Should you have an emergency during regular office hours, please call so that we may assist you as quickly as possible.

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